Scale your ui/ux design practice

Design operations management (DesignOps) for UI/UX teams

We give creative teams a boost, customize design process up to your business needs,
improve UI/UX product, |
15 years
in design

applied experience in UI, UX and graphic design
9 years
in management
of cross-functional design teams of up to 25 people
7 creative teams built
with efficiency of one revision before the design approval
Saving $324,000
per year
at a design department of up to 10 people

Design management is tricky

if you're not a professional designer
You have to know the design specifics

Being a general manager you won't notice 60% of mistakes in UI/UX design, 20% of which you won't be able to communicate correctly.
Creative people need a special approach

Too much freedom or an excessive pressure both can ruin your team's creative spirit. The right balance is the key.
Design affects revenue, and it's worth extra-attention

Design impacts your sales. It's that additional value of your product that differentiates it from the market and therefore could not be neglected.

Hiring a remote Design Director enables you to boost the UI/UX design quality fast and within a minimal budget.
Who benefits from Design Operations
Everyone who manages designers: from product managers to design agencies owners.
Business owners, product owners
and top managers

We'll determine which design team fits your business best and how it can be effectively integrated into your business model:

  • Define the team structure and the level of competence of each member.
  • Determine functions and KPI of each team member.
  • Establish design processes from goals setting to result evaluation and delivery.
  • Answer the question "where is the profit?" in design.
  • Teach your managers how to upsell design
Art directors, design team leaders
and project managers

We'll show you how to manage your team efficiently and still have some free time. We'll answer the most common middle managers' questions:

  • How to build a team that saves you from doing everything yourself?
  • How to build a design process that gives you a peace of mind?
  • How to build efficient communication with clients and higher management?
  • How to motivate your team for the best results?
  • How to prioritize and find a balance between your clients and your team?

What we do

We break down the design process into clear and measurable components.
Audit your UI/UX product, team or process. Re-define objectives and quality standards
We define the goals and objectives of the design process, product design or your design team:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current design process/product or team
  • Describe development prospects and ways to improve product design, design processes and working methods of your design team
  • Conduct a UX/UI audit of the finished design product
  • Find the most efficient way to match your design process (or product) with the owners' business goals
              Update your design team's profile
              We determine which combination of the skillset works best for your team to achieve the desired results and business goals:

              • Define team's organizational structure
              • Introduce functional descriptions and leveling matrix for the team
              • Set KPI's for each team member
              • Introduce the framework for efficient career planning
              Describe and customize design-related processes
              We set up the processes of sales, delivery and communication between design team and other departments, stakeholders and clients. That includes:

              • Communication with the clients at a pre-sale stage
              • Gathering and defining of initial design requirements
              • Design estimation, project planning and resource allocation
              • Qualities and specifics of design project management
              • Methods and practices of design quality control
              • Design presentation and upselling
              • Collecting and analyzing customer feedback
              • Budgeting and cost accounting
              • Interaction flows with other departments within the company
              • Selecting the tools to optimize all the processes mentioned
              We pick the right team and plan its growth
              We help you find the designers that solve your problem:

              • We pick the best candidates upon the portfolio reviews
              • Perform interviews and test candidates
              • Create an adaptation flow for new team members
              • Define KPI and functional requirements for team members
              • Make the 6 to 12 months' career plan for each team member
                  Remote Design Direction / Consulting
                  We conduct a UI/UX audit of your design product (or multiple projects done by your design team) and provide you with the thorough comments to improve the outcome:

                  • One-time audit of the finished design product
                  • Regular remote Art Direction for your team (long-term or subscription based)
                  • Project-related online workshops for your team
                      Service design for agencies and small business
                      With the design-driven approach we reimagine end-to-end business processes and services to enable exceptional customer experience for your clients.
                      One-time consulting
                      Suitable for:
                      Designers, Art Directors, PM, PO and Business Owners — for one-time or occasional requests.

                      For example, portfolio assessment, questions on a career development, initial product or department audit etc.

                      From 1 hour.
                      Suitable for:
                      Designers, Art Directors, PM, PO and Business Owners — for specific tasks that require analysis and development.

                      For example, conducting a specific design project before the release, team selection, setting design processes in the company, etc.

                      From 4 hours to several weeks
                      Suitable for:
                      Designers, Art Directors — as a mentorship and training to improve design management skills.

                      PM, PO and Business Owners - for an assistance in managing the design department and improving design products and workflows.

                      From 1 month or longer
                      What you get
                      Design quality benchmarks for your business
                      You don't have to be a design professional to use our recommendations.
                      Selling arguments for your design product
                      Scripts and questionnaires to define the requirements and avoid misunderstandings and endless revisions.
                      Design processes and tools that drive results
                      You will get a list of specific steps to take and tools to use to produce a high quality design product. No bad surprises.
                      KPIs and leveling matrix for the design team
                      Design team evaluation indicators for daily operations management and monitoring.
                      Design management support on demand
                      You don't have to hire an expensive creative director on staff. We're there when you need us, and out as you don't.
                      Budget optimization while increasing the quality and efficiency of work
                      We align people with processes to the level where you get your best design result for the right costs.
                      About our experts
                      Anna Lisniak
                      Founder of Manage Your Design agency

                      15 years of applied experience in UI/UX design
                      9 years in design teams management
                      7 years in product management and marketing strategy

                      I am a practitioner, and in 15 years of my professional journey I have gone from a junior designer to the head of an international web design agency. I studied a lot, made my mistakes, while searching for the most efficient way of building an A-players design team and the most profitable workflow for the agency.

                      Now I want to share this experience with design agencies and business owners around the world to help them boost the level of customer satisfaction along with the revenue. My goal is to show you the shortcut to profits through design.
                      We worked with Anna on UX development of our web application, our main task was to create an efficient and multi-functional design solution for B2B and B2C clients as we are a two-sided marketplace. We have received a very professional consulting. We will continue working with Anna in the future.
                      Dmitry Tolok, CEO / Co-founder AN.WORKS

                      Anna has a high level of empathy for the department, which gives designers a sense of deep respect for her and responsibility for what we do. Anna balances the department. She appears at a difficult moment and offers the most obvious, logical and correct solution, which no one could come to on their own. I call it experience.
                      Inna Bayazitova, UI/UX freelance designer

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